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Remove Ripoffreport

Rip off reports are generated when customers complain that they have been ripped off by a company/organization. Rip-off reports can be very annoying especially when you are confident about your product. In fact, these reports can happen to any one irrespective of the size of the company, the creator being completely anonymous. Even if we try and prove that the allegations are incorrect, they refuse to take down posted complaints. these negative credentials created by RipOff Report can be potentially lethal to the company. Since the author is completely anonymous, we have no clue where the complaint came from. We start suspecting clients, customers and even our employees.

It would seem right for us to fight back against our allegation and reply directly on the forums. But this is exactly what we must NOT do. By doing this, we are increasing user generated content and activity regarding the complaint. This content can be picked up by Google immediately and ranked, making the situation even worse. Besides, there is a good chance that the other party will reply to the rebuttal, further increasing the content, thus increasing the ranking even more. If this continues, the damage caused could become irreversible!

So, how do we remove a RipOff Report Complaint?

Rip Off Report does not allow you to remove complaints from their database. Even the person who has posted the complaint cannot remove it. Certain RioOff reports even show requests to remove the complaints by the company, which could increase the problems.

What can be done about these damaging RipOff Report postings?

Even though the actual RipOff Report listing cannot be removed, it is very easy to make the RipOff Report unnoticeable to prospective surfers by burying it under other search results.

This is done by following a two prong process:

1. Creating Positive Information

A large amount of positive publicity can be created by generating positive content and submitting them to article websites and press release sites.

In addition, company and business profiles can be created in various online locations.

2. Promoting Existing Info and newly created positive info..

Existing positive listings and newly created articles and/or press releases can be promoted by utilizing search engine optimization and marketing techniques in order to outrank negative RipOff Report complaints. Thus pushing the result down the ranking and making it unnoticeable.

There you have it! Your RipOff report is vanished!


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